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What is the function of electrophoretic ultrafiltration equipment?

Sep 24, 2018

Ultrafiltration equipment is one of the most common equipment configurations in electrophoresis production line. The recovery of paint, emission reduction of sewage, control of liquid level and conductivity of electrophoresis tank, etc., all depend on the correct configuration of ultrafiltration equipment.

Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration technique that can purify, separate, or concentrate a solution.

In today's electrophoretic coating industry, ultrafiltration device has become an indispensable configuration.

Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane.jpg


1. Use of ultra-filtrate for closed circular water washing, which can further improve the utilization rate of coating, reduce sewage discharge, reduce sewage treatment cost or environmental pollution, and ultimately improve the benefit.

2. The workpiece with chemical pretreatment is more or less likely to carry a certain amount of impurity ions into the electrophoresis tank, although it has been washed many times and washed with ions.

With the progress of electrodeposition, a certain amount of ions will be produced.

If the accumulation of harmful impurities can not be cleared in time, will affect the stability of the electrophoresis tank, also easy to cause a variety of paint defects!

The concentration of impurity ions in the electrophoretic flume can be controlled effectively by proper discharge of the superfiltrate.

3. Effective control of the level of electrophoresis tank at low cost.

When the liquid in the electrophoresis tank is too high, the liquid level can be replenished easily through the discharge of the superfluous liquid, rather than "make some old liquid in the tank before adding new paint".