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What is the feature of immersion ultrafiltration membrane?

A) pioneering "cloud dispersing technology".

The national initial cloud dispersing technology enables nano-tio2 to be distributed uniformly and effectively in the membrane system, thus exerting the effect of nanometer and doubling the flux and intensity of the membrane.

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B) wide range and easy to clean.

SMF series product membrane material is PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) material, chemical resistance is very strong, applicable scope is very wide.

The components can be cleaned online or offline in time for filtering.

C) low energy consumption and high efficiency.

The 10m2 hollow fiber membrane is contained in about 0.02m3 space.

The membrane component is immersed in the water, and can be maintained at a low pressure of 0.05mpa to maintain high flux, so the energy consumption is very low.

D) high filtering precision and continuous filament.

The hollow fibers used have a uniform small hole of less than 0.05 mm, which can remove microorganisms, colloid, algae and other substances that cause turbidity.

And because of TiO2 hybridization, the tensile properties of the film are much stronger than that of ordinary PVDF films.

E) high flux and anti-fouling ability.

Because of the addition of nanoparticles, the membrane components greatly improve the hydrophilicity of the membrane surface, which significantly improves the membrane flux and extremely anti-pollution performance.

F) the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus is good.

The total separation of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge residence time (SRT) makes nitrifying bacteria survive in the reactor, which ensures a good nitrification.

G) small footprint.

It is not necessary to set up solid liquid separation equipment such as precipitation and filtration, so that the whole system process is simple and easy to integrate, and the system area is greatly reduced.

H) easy management, high automation and low operating cost.

Do not need sterilization equipment, do not need to add medicine, do not need to control residual chlorine.

The machine can realize automatic intermittent operation.

I)SMF membrane stack frame is made of stainless steel material. Any diaphragm can be disassembled freely. The film group adopts standard modular design.