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​What is the DTRO?

Dec 15, 2019

DTRO membrane is a form of reverse osmosis. It is a membrane module specially designed to treat high concentration sewage. The core technology is the disc diaphragm column.A membrane column is formed by placing the reverse osmosis diaphragm and the hydraulic guide plate on top of each other, securing them with a center tie rod and end plate, and placing them in a pressure sleeve.Two stage DTRO treatment system, including central control system, sand filter, first stage reverse osmosis system, second stage reverse osmosis system, leachate tank, sulfuric acid tank, water purification tank, cleaning tank, degassing tower, etc.The core part of the dish tube reverse osmosis system is that the dish tube membrane column is composed of a dish RO diaphragm, a deflector, an o-type rubber washer, a center tie rod and a pressure-resistant sleeve.The diaphragm and the guide plate are stacked. The o-type rubber washer is placed in a groove on both sides of the guide plate and is pulled together by a center pull into the pressure sleeve. The two ends are sealed by a metal end plate.