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What is the DTRO?

Feb 14, 2019

DTRO is a classification of DT. DT membrane technology, namely Disc Tube Module, is divided into three categories: DTRO (reverse osmosis), DTNF (nanofiltration) and DTUF (ultrafiltration). It is a patented membrane separation Module.

This technology is specially developed for the filtration and separation of high concentration feed liquid and has been successfully applied for nearly 30 years.

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The dishing tube type film assembly is mainly composed of RO diaphragm, guide plate, center pull rod, shell, various seals at both ends of flange and connection bolts and other parts.

The filter diaphragm and guide plate are stacked together, secured with a central tie rod and end cover flange, and then placed into a pressure-resistant housing to form a dished tube type membrane assembly.