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What is the difference between MBR and immersion ultrafiltration membrane?

Feb 28, 2018

The MBR is used for sewage treatment, soaking in sludge, and immersion ultrafiltration is only a form of ultrafiltration, and filtration is water without sludge.

Among them, the performance requirements of the two kinds of films are different. The MBR requires that the type of lining film can be relatively strong, and the pore diameter is low, and the general pore size is wide and the pore size is large, and the film can be clean.

However, the immersion ultrafiltration is relatively low in strength requirement, and the pore diameter is high, and the distribution is narrow and the hole is small. Even after filtering, the water can be used directly for RO.

Immersion ultra-filtration  .jpg

If the two together, it is possible, but the choice of the membrane to choose the right, behind is the equipment will be complex, after all, two kinds of process integration, single than every kind of expensive, MBR to use on the biochemical treatment of sewage, is a kind of biochemical method, usually is running in the pump running eight minutes stopped for two minutes, but the aeration, can run dozens of hours online backwashing, 4 to 6 months for off-line chemical cleaning, of course the time with the production pressure difference, the running situation.

Ultrafiltration is the treatment of clean water, such as circulating water, only filtration and chemical cleaning.

There are some differences between the two.

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