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What is the development trend of metallurgical wastewater treatment?

Jul 20, 2018

The main characteristics of metallurgical wastewater are large amount of water, various kinds and complicated and changeable water quality.

According to the classification and characteristics of waste water source, cooling water, acid pickling wastewater, washing wastewater (smoke dust, gas, or gas), cinder flushing waste water, coking wastewater and waste water by condensation, separation or overflow in production, etc.

Metallurgical wastewater management development trend is: (1) the development and the use of no water or less water and no pollution or less pollution of new techniques, new technologies, such as using dry coke quenching, coking coal preheating, directly from coke oven gas desulfurization and cyanide and so on;

Photoelectric wastewater reuse equipment.jpg

(2) the development of comprehensive utilization technology, such as the recovery of useful substances from the waste water waste gas and heat, reducing the cost of materials, fuel, (3) according to the different water quality requirements, the overall balance, streaming use, improve the water quality stabilization measures at the same time, constantly improve the utilization rate of the water cycle;

(4) develop new processing technologies and technologies suitable for the characteristics of metallurgical wastewater, such as magnetic treatment of steel wastewater.

It has the advantages of high efficiency, less land area and convenient operation and management.