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What is super pure water?

Jul 27, 2018

Ultrapure water was originally the technology to develop ultrapure materials (the original semiconductor materials, nano precision ceramic materials, etc.) used distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis technology or other appropriate supercritical technology to produce water, ultrapure water is now in biology, medicine, automobile and other fields are widely used.

reverse osmosis equipment.jpg

This water besides water molecules (H20), almost no impurities, no bacteria, viruses, chlorine dioxins and other organic matter, of course also does not have the mineral trace elements for human, ultrapure water hardness, taste sweet, often referred to as soft water again, can be directly drinkable, also can be boiled drinking.

The degree of ultrapure water, is the general process is very difficult to achieve, such as water resistivity of more than 18 M Ω * cm, close to 18.3 M Ω * cm is called ultrapure water.