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What is super pure water?

May 10, 2018

Ultra-pure water is the basis of pure water, which can remove the conductive media in the water almost completely, and remove the colloid substance, gas and organic matter that are not dissociated in water to a very low degree of water.

Resistivity is more than 18 M Ω * cm or close to 18.25 M Ω * cm limit value.

Ultrapure water is general level of the process is difficult to achieve, can be in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, EDI technology, two or more of the ion exchange technology, through the reasonable technological design, equipment selection, can produce ultrapure water, can be up to 18.20 M resistivity Ω * cm 3. Pure water and ultrapure water difference exists in many ways, specific summarized as follows: A different conductivity, water conductivity between 2-10 us/cm, ultrapure water conductivity is 0.056 us/cm;

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manufacturing, to the difficulty of the use of pure water on the market at present basically after, reverse osmosis and distillation method, and ultrapure water is pure water pass light oxidation technology, on the basis of finishing treatment and polishing processing of a series of complex purification technologies such as;