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What is super anti-pollution film?

Feb 24, 2018

--- the choice of wastewater depth reuse, achieve true zero discharge!

Compared with the traditional reverse osmosis membrane, the new type of anti-pollution membrane components has been improved mainly in three aspects: the surface roughness of the film, the electric properties of the membrane surface, and the hydrophilicity of the membrane material.

At the same time, it has the above three characteristics. Therefore, it greatly improves the anti-pollution ability, reduces the frequency of chemical cleaning and saves the running costs.

The surface roughness of the film decreases.

Membrane bioreactor.jpg

The surface roughness of the new anti - pollution film is greatly reduced.

The membrane surface is close to neutral.

The surface electrical properties of the new chemical resistant membrane are closer to the neutral.

Scope of application:

Because the diaphragm is electrically neutral, it greatly reduces the adsorption of bacteria and microorganisms on the membrane surface.

The widest water supply channel makes it not only strong anti-pollution, but also has the effective recovery after chemical cleaning.

It is widely used in the reuse of municipal sewage and industrial waste water, as well as the reuse of water desalination and cooling circulation of surface water.