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What is suitable for the water recycling equipment system?

Sep 10, 2018

1. Small and medium-sized urban sewage and industrial waste water from factories and mining enterprises, especially in places where intermittent discharge and flow change greatly.

2. Places with higher water quality, such as scenic spots, lakes and harbors, should not only remove organic matter, but also require water to remove phosphorus and nitrogen and prevent river and lake eutrophication.

Electroplating wastewater reuse equipment .jpg

3. Places where water resources are in short supply.

The fully automatic water recycling equipment system can be materialized after biological treatment without adding facilities for water recycling.

4. Places where land is tight.

5. Renovation of existing continuous flow sewage treatment plants, etc.

6. It is very suitable for treatment of small water quantity, intermittent discharge of industrial waste water and treatment of dispersed point source pollution