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What is river water purification equipment ?

Mar 28, 2018

This series of integrated water purifier sets the reaction, flocculation, precipitation, collecting mud, mud, collecting water, water distribution, filtration, backwashing, sewage, etc.

It is an important water purification unit to realize automation management of water plant.

To become a complete set of automatic operation of the water plant (station).

Environmentally friendly river purifiers .jpg

This series of water purification devices is an integrated structure;

It is not only suitable for wide range, good treatment effect, stable water quality, but also has little water consumption, energy consumption, small occupation area and no secondary pollution in equipment.

It is a new product of water saving, energy saving, saving labor, saving engineering land, combining with clean water tank, and without backwashing water tank and auxiliary pump facility.

Especially suitable for high efficiency water area.