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What is pure water treatment? What are the treatment methods?a

Nov 20, 2017

Pure water is what we call pure water.

Pure water treatment is to use the city tap water as the water source, use a variety of treatment methods to carry on the filtration processing and so on.

Especially in the modern high-rise residence, there is often a serious "secondary pollution".

Drinking such water for a long time will seriously threaten our health.

In comparison, pure water treatment can make our drinking water cleaner, not only for health, but also for healthy and long life.


It is because the water quality of this pure water is pure, so its function as a carrier is more outstanding.

The stronger the ability to dissolve various metabolites in the body Thus, pure water treatment can play a very important role in our life.


It has been proved that drinking this more pure and healthy water can improve people's health, develop pure water, and also be an effective way to improve the modern life of residents.

Strictly speaking, pure water treatment is actually to secondary purification of tap water, thus the chloride, bacteria and other harmful substances in tap water filtering, further to reach the effect of sterilization and disinfection.


So, what are the main methods that can be used in the process of pure water treatment?

In fact, with the improvement of the technology level, we have achieved good results in this field.

The commonly used treatment methods are quartz sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, and softening, anti-saturating, and ultraviolet sterilization.


In addition to the commonly used method, at present there are more very advanced technology has also obtained the practical application of ultrafiltration technology, for example, EDI pure water treatment technology, ozone sterilization ultrapure water treatment technology, etc.