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What is pure water?

Jul 23, 2018

Purified water is a kind of water which has been removed almost all the conducting medium, colloid and organic matters (including bacteria), etc. The conductivity of purified water is about 0.1-0.55μs/cm, and its resistivity (25ºC) is about more than 10MΩ·cm, and its TDS is about less than 0.1mg/l. In theory, the conductivity of purified water is 0.055μs/cm, and its resistivity (25ºC) is 18.3MΩ·cm.

reverse osmosis equipment .jpg 

Our company can supply various purified water production equipments according to customer's detailed requests, like single pass RO, double pass RO, RO+EDI, RO+mixed bed, etc.