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What is pure water?

Mar 16, 2018

Pure water refers to H2O without impurities.

From the academic point of view, high pure water and pure water, is refers to the high chemical purity of water, it is mainly used in biological, chemical, metallurgy, aerospace, power and other fields, but the purity of the water quality requirement is quite high, so the application of the most common general or electronics industry.

For example, the pure water used in the power system requires that the content of impurities be low to "microgram/liter".

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In pure water production, water quality standard of the indicators should be based on the electronic (microelectronics) the production process of the components or materials (such as is generally believed that the particulate matter qualitative dimensions of circuit performance damage for the line width of 1/5-1/10), but because of the complexity of the microelectronics technology and the factors affecting the quality of products is various, so far there is no a applicable to a circuit which are obtained by process test, the full water quality standard of production.

As standard of electronic grade water constantly revised and many breakthrough and development in the field of high pure water analysis, the continuous application of new instruments and new analysis methods are created the conditions for the development of pure water production.

Pure water also refers to the water filtered by a pure water machine (RO).

Pure water refers to the water salts (mainly the strong electrolytes that dissolve in water) to remove or reduce to a certain degree of water purification equipment.

1.0 10.0 mu S/cm, resistivity (25 ℃) of 0.1-1.0 * 10 ^ 6 cm salt of 1-5 mg/L.