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What is pp cotton filter?

Apr 08, 2018

Filter is a new type of precision filter element, has small volume, big filter area, high precision, no pollution, convenient installation and replacement, etc, as a result of the microporous membrane filtration, adsorption is small, so its not stranded filtrate, and broad chemical compatibility, has extensive applicability.

The connector of the filter element adopts the international common form: the end cover is 226, 222, the plane is three forms, the port is the triangular fin and the flat head two forms.

It can effectively remove all kinds of particle impurities in the filtrated liquid.


The multilayer depth structure is large;

Large filtration flow, small pressure difference;

It does not contain any chemical adhesives, which is more sanitary and safe.

Acid, alkali, organic solution, oil, good chemical stability;

The surface, deep and coarse filter are integrated into one;

It has the characteristics of high flow rate, corrosion and high pressure and low cost.

It is used to block the rust, silt, insect eggs and other large particles in the water.