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What is ion exchange (IX)?

Aug 17, 2018

Ion exchange pure water equipment by anion and cation exchange resin on the all kinds of anion and cation in the water displacement of a traditional water treatment process, the ratio of anion and cation exchange resin according to different collocation can make ion exchange Yang bed system, system and ion exchange mixed bed ion exchange Yin bed (double bed) system, and the mixed bed (double bed) and is usually used in reverse osmosis system leakage after water treatment technology for producing ultrapure water, high pure water terminal technology, he is currently used for the preparation of ultrapure water, high pure water cannot replace one of the means.

The water conductivity can be lower than 1 us/cm below, the water resistance rate of 1 m Ω. Cm or more, according to the requirements of the different water quality and use, water resistivity can be controlled in 1 ~ 18 m Ω. Cm between.

It is widely used in the preparation of super pure water and high pure water for electronics, electric power, chemical industry, electroplating, boiler water supply and medicine.

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The salts in raw water, such as Ca(HCO3)2, MgSO4 and other calcium and magnesium sodium salts, are replaced by the active groups of the cation Ca2+ and Mg2+ by the positive resin when flowing through the exchange resin layer, and the anions HCO3- and SO42- are replaced by the active groups of the negative resin, so that the water is ultra-purified.

If the content of bicarbonate in raw water is high, degassing towers should be set in the middle of the anion and cation exchange columns to remove CO2 gas and reduce the load of the overcast bed.