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What is industrial water treatment equipment?

Apr 18, 2018

General this type of water treatment equipment relative to a much higher water treatment equipment, the basic principle of basic same, for the backend water quality request is higher also, besides the pretreatment system in the front and reverse osmosis systems, and sterilization system and electric ion system, used in the preparation of ultrapure water demand a higher purity of water, the water can be used in mobile phones and other electronic products surface cleaning, polishing, dyes, additives, detergent and so on, almost all are useful to this kind of equipment in the process of industrial production.

Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment .jpg

Food industry, biological pharmaceutical in relatively higher requirements on water treatment equipment, need to conform to the requirements of the GMP and related certification, generally can be called pure water or purified water, pure water and pure water is different, we usually buy this kind of equipment for water sterilization and management more strictly, to ensure that is not contaminated by bacteria in the process of food, biological, pharmaceutical, guarantee the finished product has a longer shelf life and safety.

A ring is very special in pharmaceutical system equipment system, name from the name you can judge, distilled water equipment, water treatment industry is called multi-effect distillation machine, used for preparation of distilled water, produce distilled water can be used as additive to liquid infusion bottle, and various kinds of optical instruments lens cleaning, etc.