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What is industrial water treatment?

Apr 07, 2018

Industrial water treatment  includes circulating cooling water treatment, boiler feed water treatment, oilfield water treatment, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, etc.

In urban water use, industrial water accounts for 70 to 80 percent, and cooling water accounts for about 80 percent of industrial water use.

In our country, high water consumption of industrial products, so the rational use of industrial cooling water, improve water treatment technology and management level, not only is the basic way of saving industrial water, and is to prevent the equipment corrosion and fouling, prolong the service life of equipment, improve the production efficiency is an important measure.

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Industrial water treatment technology mainly includes membrane separation, flocculation, oxidation and comprehensive treatment.

Membrane separation is recognized as one of the most promising technologies of the 20th century to the middle of the 21st century.

It has no phase change, room temperature operation, low energy consumption, simple equipment, high degree of health, high degree of automation, etc. In the field of industrial water treatment has extensive application and broad prospects for development.

But as a result of industrial wastewater often contains the substances such as acid, alkali, oil, harsh processing conditions, so you need to develop a cheap, efficient, able to strong acid, strong alkali under harsh conditions, such as the use of new membrane materials;

Flocculation is mainly used to reduce the turbidity and chromaticity of water, and to remove many kinds of high molecular organic substances, some heavy metals and radioactive substances.

Industrial water treatment the most widely used flocculating agent for the type of inorganic polymer flocculant, have good coherence and flocculation body forming speed, intensive quality and fast settling velocity, and than organic polymer flocculants is cheap.

It technically has experienced from a single variety to many varieties, from one-component to multicomponent, from general to special functions or the development of the multi-functional, varieties have polyaluminium chloride and polymeric ferric sulfate, polyvinyl chloride ferric sulfate, polymerization aluminum chloride ferric sulfate and so on.

Because of the complexity of the industrial water, any single technology is hard to achieve the ideal effect, must pay attention to comprehensive development and application of water treatment technology, the integrated studies, such as chemical - physical, chemical, biological, physical and biological combined, in the new processing for high efficiency, low consumption, environmental protection technology