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What is inclined tube precipitation?

Apr 09, 2018

The inclined pipe is also known as shallow sedimentation tank, and the inclined plate (pipe) precipitator is a highly efficient combination sedimentation tank based on the theoretical design of shallow sedimentation tank.

A number of densely inclined tubes or plates are set up in the sedimentary area to precipitate the debris suspended in the water on a slanting board or pipe.

The water flows upward along the inclined plate or pipe, in which the separated sludge will enter the bottom of the tank and then concentrate the discharge due to gravity.

In the tank, the precipitation efficiency increased by 50% to 60%, and the processing capacity in the same area increased by three times.

inclined plate precipitator equipment.jpg

According to the experimental data of raw wastewater, the inclined tube type collector with different flow rate is designed, and flocculant is generally required.

According to the sedimentation purification method of inclined tube, a 60-degree inclined tube was established on top of the slurry suspension layer, so that the suspended matter and solid particles or flocculants in the original water could form alum flocculant.

The thin layer of mud will form at the bottom of the inclined tube, and the suspended sludge layer will slide by gravity, allowing it to settle in the sludge collecting hopper.

Sludge will be discharged into the sludge tank through the sludge discharge pipe for additional treatment or comprehensive use.

The liquid supernaturally rises until it is drained or reused by the collector pipe.