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What is immersion ultrafiltration membrane?

Jan 31, 2018

Flow Split, Flow Split SMF (patent no. : ZL 2007 2 0007883.4) a submerged ultrafiltration system developed based on Flow Split ultrafiltration membrane.

SMF is an improved process of MBR (membrane bioreactor), which replaces a new technology process of solid phase separation and liquid phase separation by membrane components.

The use of water treatment, especially large-scale water treatment facilities, has become a very important indicator.

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If membrane technology is to become one of the major technologies for large-scale water treatment facilities, it is important to reduce energy consumption.

As a result, many film makers have begun to develop low-energy membrane filtration systems, known as dead-end filters or half-dead filters.

The working principle of this system is similar to that of a coffee filter. The solid suspended solids in the water settle on the surface of the membrane.

This part of solid is often called "dirt", and as long as the water contains solid suspended solids, there will be "dirt".

Remain the same in order to ensure the water rate of membrane, membrane filtration pressure will continue to increase, so the operation after a period of time from cleaning with filter on membrane in the opposite direction, so we also sometimes referred to as "half dead end filtration.