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What is hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane?

May 16, 2018

Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration membrane is an asymmetric semi-permeable membrane made of high molecular chemical material by special technology. It presents hollow capillary tube shape (or hollow fiber shape), micro-pore covers tube wall densely. The pore size of the UF membrane is about 0.001-0.1μm, Cut Off Molecular Weight(MWCO) from1,000 to 500,000 Dalton.

Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane  .jpg 

Feed liquid is flowing in or out the membrane under the influence of pressure, dissolvent or small molecule can permeate membrane and become pure liquid by collection, while large molecule (protein, each kind of enzyme, nucleic acid, polysaccharide and so on) ,colloid particle (such as emulsion, micro-ion) and bacterium are cut off by the membrane and are taken off by the circulating liquid flow to become concentrating liquid. That is the process of separating, concentrating, and purifying substance;