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What is EDI pure water treatment?

Aug 20, 2018

The working principle of EDI ultra-pure water treatment equipment: under the action of direct current electric field, EDI system is a scientific water treatment technology that purifies water quality by using exchange membrane to select and transfuse ions through directional movement of dielectric ions in water through baffle.

A thick chamber and a light chamber (i.e., the cation can pass through the Yang membrane, while the anion can pass through the Yin membrane) are usually arranged alternately by multiple groups of cathode, Yang membrane and partition plate (a and b).

EDI equipment     .jpg

The cationic migration to the negative electrode in the water passes through the positive membrane and is trapped by the negative membrane in the concentrated chamber.

Anionic migration towards the positive direction of Yin membrane in water, be strong chamber of Yang membrane intercept, such by light chamber on the number of ions in water gradually reduce, become fresh water, and thick the water chamber, due to the ion of Yin and Yang were strong chamber, dielectric ion concentration rising, become thick water, so as to achieve, purification, concentration or the purpose of refined.