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What is condensate treatment?

Dec 21, 2017

Condensate generally refers to the steam generated by the boiler after the steam turbine has done work, through the circulation cooling water to cool the condensation water.

Actually the condenser hot well water include high-pressure heater (hydrophobic less than normal thermal Wells), low-pressure heater drain (hydrophobic refers to enter the heater will heat water condensation water).

Due to the inevitable loss of water vapor in the thermal system, a certain amount of supply water (except the water of the salt water tank) should be replenished to the thermal system.

Therefore, the condensate water mainly includes: condensate after steam in steam turbine, various hydrophobic and boiler feed water.

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Condensate polishing treatment system adopts medium-pressure water system of the mixed bed, specific for connecting the front filter with high speed mixed bed, each unit set up 2 x 50% tubular profiteer and 3 x 50% spherical high speed mixed bed, mixed bed resin failure after using the method of three towers in vitro regeneration system, including 1 and unit 2 fine processing share a set of regeneration system.

The regeneration system mainly includes the separation tower, the shade tower and the Yang tower (i.e., "three towers"), as well as the acid and alkali equipment, hot water tank, flushing water pump, roots blower, gas storage tank and other equipment.