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What is circulating cooling water circulating?

Oct 18, 2019

 water cooling is through water and air contact, by evaporation heat dissipation, contact heat dissipation and radiation heat dissipation three processes combined effect.1, evaporative heat dissipation: water in the cooling equipment to form large and small water droplets or very thin water film, expand its contact area with the air and extend the contact time to strengthen the evaporation of water, water vapor from the water to take away the heat required for gasification, so as to make the water cool;

2. Contact heat dissipation: the water is in contact with the air at a lower temperature. Due to the temperature difference, the heat in the hot water is transferred to the air and the water temperature is reduced;3, radiation heat dissipation: do not need the role of heat transfer medium, but by a form of electromagnetic wave to spread the phenomenon of heat energy.