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What is beyond filtration (UF) pure water treatment?

Aug 19, 2018

Ultrafiltration technology is a high and new technology widely used in water purification, solution separation and concentration, as well as the extraction of useful substances from wastewater and the purification and reuse of wastewater.

It is characterized by simple operation, no heating, energy saving, low pressure operation, and small area of equipment.

Ultrafiltration (UF) pure water treatment principle: ultrafiltration is a membrane separation process driven by pressure and divided by sieve. The filtration precision is within a range of 0.005-0.01.

It can be widely used in separation, concentration and purification of substances.

Ultrafiltration process without phase transformation, normal temperature operation, the separation of heat sensitive material is appropriate, and has good heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, can under 60 ℃, pH of 2-11 under the condition of continuous use for a long time.

Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane   .jpg

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is the most mature and advanced form of ultrafiltration technology.

The outer diameter of hollow fiber is 0.5-2.0mm, and the inner diameter is 0.3-1.4mm. The wall of hollow fiber tube is covered with microholes.

The pressurized flow of raw water in the outer or inner cavity of hollow fiber constitutes the external pressure type and the internal pressure type respectively.

Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process. The trapped material can be removed with concentration, without blocking the membrane surface and running continuously for a long time.