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What is a medical evaporator?

Apr 13, 2020

Volatile inhaled anesthetics are liquid at room temperature.The evaporator can effectively vaporize volatile anesthetic liquid into gas and accurately adjust the concentration of anesthetic vapor output.The evaporation of anesthetics requires heat, and the temperature around the evaporator is the main factor that determines the evaporation rate of volatile anesthetics.The temperature - flow compensation evaporator is widely used in the contemporary anesthesia machine, that is, when the temperature or fresh gas flow rate changes, it can keep the evaporation rate of volatile inhaled anesthetics constant through the automatic compensation mechanism, so as to ensure that the output concentration of inhaled anesthetics leaves the evaporator is stable.Because the boiling point and saturated vapor pressure of different volatile inhaled anesthetics are different in physical characteristics, the evaporator has the specific use of drugs, such as enflurane evaporator, isoflurane evaporator, and so on.The evaporator of modern anesthesia machine is usually placed outside the anesthesia breathing loop, which is connected with a separate oxygen air stream. The vapor of inhaled anesthetics evaporates and mixes with the main air stream for the patient to breathe.