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What is a DF membrane?

Feb 13, 2019

DF membrane is a microfiltration membrane.It was developed and produced by Duraflow in 2004. Due to its good use effect, it started mass production and was promoted successively in North America and Europe.In China, the microfiltration membrane is a reliable wastewater reuse technology, which can reuse industrial wastewater.Duraflow microfiltration membrane is designed for rough and poor industrial environment.

 It pays attention to practicality and durability rather than aesthetics, so it is named after dura-flow, which means durability.DF film tube is strong and tough, not easy to oxidize.It was proved that the membrane tube remained intact after being soaked in 5% sodium hypochlorite for one year.The filtration of DF membranes is based on pressure and velocity to achieve solid-liquid separation.The effluent of the microfiltration membrane system can directly enter the reverse osmosis system.At present, the highest reuse rate of microfiltration combined with reverse osmosis can reach 75%