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What flotation agents are contained in the mineral dressing wastewater and how to treat them?

Jul 19, 2018

The mineral processing wastewater has the characteristics of large amount of water, high suspended matter content and more kinds of harmful substances.

Its harmful substances are heavy metal ions and mineral dressing agents.

Heavy metal ions include copper, zinc, lead, nickel, barium, cadmium, arsenic and rare elements.

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The following kinds of flotation agents are added in the course of ore dressing :

(1) catching agents.

Such as RocssMe, black drug [(RO)2PSSMe, white drug [CS(NHC6H5)2];

(2) suppression of punishment, such as melamine (KCN, NaCN) and sodium silicate (Na2SiO3);

(3) foaming agents, such as turpentine oil and cresol (C6H4CH30H);

(4) active punishment, such as copper sulfate (CuS04) and heavy metal salts;

(5) sulfide agents, such as sodium sulfide;

(6) mine regulating agents, such as sulphuric acid, lime, etc.

The concentration of heavy metals and flotation reagents can be decreased in the waste water mainly through tailings DAMS.

(1) lime neutralization method and calcined dolomite adsorption method can be adopted to remove heavy metals.

(2) mineral adsorption and activated carbon adsorption can be adopted for main flotation agents;

(3) chemical oxidation method can be adopted for cyanide containing wastewater.