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What factors should be considered when selecting water treatment equipment?

Sep 18, 2018

1. Security

The first is the safety of the process and technology, which ensures that the required indicators are met.

For example, the effective removal of heavy metal ions and the control of microbial content.

Secondly, the components of water treatment equipment are safe, and there should be no harmful leachate.

2, material

The second thing to look at is the tank material.

Currently there are stainless steel, FRP, cast iron, aluminum, food grade resin or PVC materials on the market.

The first three are relatively good compressive material can be used as a front filter.

The latter two materials are relatively poor pressure resistance, can only be used in the back end of the front filter, used as straight drinking machine.

EDI equipment.jpg

3, functionality,

Purified water removes sediment, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, residual chlorine, organics, and some minerals from the water.

Softening water is the removal of calcium and magnesium ions in water, the most direct word is scale.

Generally, the softening water only needs to use cationic resin to complete ion exchange and remove calcium and magnesium ions.

The water after softening has a cleansing effect on the skin.

The purified water is different from the softened water, and many different filter materials need to be used in combination to meet the predetermined purification requirements.