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What does the pure water system consist of?

May 07, 2018
  1. this system includes: the original water pump, many media filters, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, high-pressure pump, precision filter, security filters, reverse osmosis, ozone generator sterilizer, UV, stirring tower, water pump, tank.

    reverse osmosis equipment   .jpg

2.The original water tank is made of SUS304 or PP material.

Raw water pump provides pressure for silica sand filter/activated carbon filter.

Silt filtration removes turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, etc.

Activated carbon filter to remove color, free chlorine, organic substances and harmful substances plasma exchange, to prevent any big particles, most bacteria and viruses to the RO membrane, the accuracy is 5%, in order to prevent the large particles, such as big iron, dust, suspended solids, impurities, etc.

3.High pressure pumps provide high pressure (at least 2.0 Mpa) for the RO film.

The RO system is the main part of the pure water treatment device.

The removal rate of RO membrane can be as high as 99%.