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What are the types of processing equipment?

Jun 26, 2018

The water treatment equipment can be divided into sewage treatment equipment, raw water treatment equipment, water purification equipment and filtration equipment.

Water treatment equipment like the following:

Automatic dosing equipment, fully automatic water softener, mechanical filter, reverse osmosis equipment, pure water, ultrapure water, hollow fiber ultrafiltration device, ion exchange, mixed bed, polishing mixed bed, EDI electric desalination system, factories and enterprises and drinking water equipment, bag filter, ozone sterilization device, belongs to the ritz processors, the whole integrated water processor, physico-chemical treatment unit, materialized the whole integrated water processor, permanent magnetic processor, cyclone desander, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, self-cleaning water sterilizer, uv water processor, efficient decontamination filters, hand brush filter,

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Since the cleaning brush filter, water filter of the radio frequency, side stream processor, multi-functional electronic cleaner, constant pressure filling water unit, constant pressure filling water dosing unit, without negative pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment, analytic deaerator, vacuum degassing except YangJi, low thermal deaerator, closed condensate recovery unit, copper and silver ions sterilizer, iron and manganese removal filter equipment, yellow rust water filter, fiber bundle filter, high efficient fiber ball filter, ceramic membrane filter, high efficiency of chemical degreaser, swimming pool water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis pure water equipment, integration of landscape water purification unit, water treatment equipment, industrial water treatment equipment,

Sewage treatment complete sets of equipment are widely used in domestic industries of water treatment equipment.