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What are the treatment methods for high ammonia nitrogen wastewater?

May 13, 2020

Many methods can effectively treat ammonia nitrogen, such as physical and chemical methods such as stripping, gas extraction, folding point chlorination, ion exchange, coagulation precipitation, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis and various advanced oxidation technology (AOTs).

Biological methods include nitrification and aquatic plant culture such as algae.

However, it has the advantages of convenient application, stable treatment effect, adaptability to wastewater quality and comparative economy, etc. At present, it has good practicability, more researches and good prospect of development and application, such as ammonia stripping, chemical precipitation, efficient biological nitrogen removal and advanced oxidation technology.

1) Blow off method

2) Chemical precipitation method (MAP method)

3) Stripping ammonia removal technology

4) Fold point chlorination

5) Ion exchange method

6) Traditional biological nitrogen removal process - nitrification/denitrification

7) Membrane ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment