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What are the three major public hazards of nature?

Aug 30, 2018

Waste water, waste gas, noise pollution

1. Industrial wastewater flows directly into the channels, and rivers and lakes pollute the surface water. If the toxicity is greater, aquatic animals and plants will die out or even disappear.

2. If the surrounding residents use contaminated surface water or groundwater as domestic water, it will endanger their health and cause serious death.

3. Industrial wastewater infiltrates into the soil, causing soil pollution.

It affects the growth of microorganisms in plants and soil.

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Some industrial waste water also has a bad smell and pollutes the air.

5. Toxic and harmful substances in industrial waste water will remain in the body through the feeding and absorption of plants, and then reach into the human body through the food chain, causing harm to the human body.

The environmental damage caused by industrial waste water is considerable. The "minamata incident" and "fushan incident" in the "eight major public hazards" in the 20th century were caused by the pollution of industrial waste water.