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What are the technologies for zero emissions?

Aug 15, 2019

Zero emissions technology is integrated application of membrane separation, evaporation crystallization and drying biochemical processes, such as physics, chemistry, condensed the wastewater of solid impurities to very high, most of the water has circulation recycling, leave a small amount of water with solid waste, can according to every enterprise in the specific situation to choose the following way, instead of discharging system (the "zero emissions" decision shall at least consider the following three factors: environmental requirements - economic costs (enterprise competitive) - production safety).

Electroplating wastewater reuse equipment

Delta. Evaporation/crystallization

Delta. Evaporation/drying

Delta. Solar evaporation pool natural evaporation

Delta for production of by-products and into solid products

△ spray into incinerator for garbage treatment

Delta. Absorbed by solid waste (e.g. fly ash) and treated as solid waste