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What are the technological processes of ultra-pure water?

Mar 07, 2018

Ultra pure water, main technological process.

Pretreatment - compound bed - mixed bed - polishing resin.

Pretreatment - reverse osmosis - mixed bed - polishing resin.

Pretreatment - reverse osmosis -CEDI membrane - polishing resin.

reverse osmosis equipment.jpg

Traditional ultra-pure water extraction equipment technological process: raw water - multi-media filter - activated carbon filter - first stage desalination - mixing bed - super pure water.

Process flow: raw water - ultrafiltration - reverse osmosis -EDI- ultra pure water.

In membrane technology, ultrafiltration, microfiltration alternative to clarify, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, remove the suspended solids in the water colloidal and organic matter, reduce the turbidity and SDI, COD, etc., can realize the reverse osmosis device, the safety of wastewater reuse run efficiently, replace ion exchanger with reverse osmosis desalination, further to remove organic matter, colloid, bacteria and other impurities, can guarantee the reverse osmosis water meet the requirements of EDI water, mixed bed depth desalting with EDI, and using electricity instead of acid and alkali of resin regeneration, to avoid the secondary pollution.