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What are the technical features of DTRO?

Jul 04, 2018

Avoid physical clogging

The DT module adopts open flow channel design, and the effective flow channel of the material liquid is wide, avoiding physical blockage.

· minimum scale and pollution

Using convex point support guide plate, formed in the turbulent state in the process of filtration of material liquid, the largest extent, reduce the pollution of the membrane surface scaling, and the phenomenon of concentration polarization, allowing SDI value as high as 20 polluting water, still no risk of contamination.

· long service life of film 


DT membrane components effectively reduce the fouling of membrane, membrane fouling, cleaning cycle is long, at the same time of special structure of DT and hydraulics design makes membrane group is easy to clean, flux recovery after cleaning is very good, so as to extend the working life of the diaphragm.

The practical engineering shows that, even in the direct treatment of seepage fluid, the life of DT film can be more than 3 years, which is impossible for the general membrane treatment system.

· components are easy to maintain

DT membrane module using standardized design, component is easy to remove the maintenance, open the DT components can easily check to maintain any filter diaphragm and other parts, simple maintenance, when enough number of component parts, component allows short-ship some diaphragm and diversion plate and doesn't affect the use of the DT membrane module, all the maintenance work can be done at the scene.