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What are the suppliers of reverse osmosis membrane?

Apr 20, 2018

1. Abbreviation: RO Reverse Osmosis.

2. Development:

In 1953, Reid et al of the university of Florida first proposed reverse osmosis desalination.

In 1960 Loeb and Sounrirajan of the university of California, United States, developed the first practical reverse osmosis membrane.

The reverse osmosis film has been developed in China since the 1960s.

The domestic RO application began in the late 1970s, and was initially limited to electronics and semiconductor pure water, and gradually expanded to power and other industries since the 1980s.

reverse osmosis equipment.jpg

* major manufacturers:

The company became a wholly-owned subsidiary in 1987.

2, Flimtec companies in the United States, in 1985, Dow Chemical

American Fluid Systems inc.

1 Toray, Japan

The company, Desal, USA.

3. Principle:

4. Function: mainly used for removing salt in water;

5. Structure:

Water diversion

Membrane membrane

Dispersed across the network

6. Calculation formula:

Water content - salt water production.

The desalination rate = x 100%.

Water intake of salt.

Intake conductivity - water conductivity.

Commonly used: * 100%

Water inlet conductivity.

Production flow

Recovery = x 100%.

Water production flow + strong water flow.