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What are the properties of pure water equipment?

Nov 29, 2018

(1) design the system according to the quality of raw water and the URS requirements of users and design the system according to the best configuration.

(2) modular design: the whole frame of reverse osmosis equipment and pretreatment is compact and easy to install.

(3) standardized design: ensure the stable operation of pure water system and the water quality is up to standard.

(4) reasonable concentrated water recovery and reuse design to save water resources.

(5) the whole system is controlled by automatic +PLC, and the water production, recoil and cleaning are all controlled by automatic PLC, which can reduce the labor intensity of manual operation while ensuring accurate control.

reverse osmosis equipment

(6) integrate ergonomic design and humanized design for easy operation.

(7) the reverse osmosis system adopts automatic mode, with simple and convenient operation.

(8) the pretreatment system adopts pneumatic butterfly valve automatic control and can be backwashed manually to ensure the cleaning and filtering effect.

(9) online water quality monitoring control and real-time monitoring of water quality changes to ensure water quality safety.

(10) the system has the safety functions of anhydrous protection and various devices such as high, low pressure and overpressure protection.

(11) main components of the pure water equipment system are imported components (such as hydride energy reverse osmosis ultra-low pressure membrane) with high stability.

(12) adopt imported Hyde energy reverse osmosis ultra-low pressure membrane, high desalination rate, stable operation and low energy consumption.

(13) all thematic materials are made by internationally renowned brands in the industry, with quality and quantity guaranteed.