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What are the processes of mechanical processing?

Jun 04, 2018

Machinery (level 1) processing section include grille, settling pond, pond, etc. At the beginning of structures, for the purpose of removing bulky particles and suspended solids, there are two kinds of processing methods, generally by physical method to realize the solid-liquid separation, separate the pollutants from sewage, this is a widely used way of sewage treatment.

Machinery (level 1) treatment is that all the wastewater treatment process for engineering (though sometimes some early process saving pond), typical of BOD5 and SS removal rate for primary treatment of urban sewage were 25% and 50% respectively.

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In biological phosphorus removal wastewater treatment plant, it is generally not recommended to aerate sedimentation tank, so as to avoid the quick degradation of organic matter removal;

In the original wastewater quality features against biological nitrogen removal, the heavy set or not, and at the beginning of the set mode needs to be carefully on the special note of the follow-up process based on water quality analysis and consideration, to ensure and improve the phosphorus removal in addition to the follow-up process of the incoming water denitrification.

Another method is to apply chemical treatment, and flocculants will be used to coagulate and precipitate.