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What are the methods of pure water system?

Aug 01, 2018

Pure water system generally refers to a kind of device that reaches the purpose of purifying water through various water treatment processes and water quality monitoring systems.

Common impurities in natural water include soluble inorganic matter, organic matter, particulate matter, microorganism, soluble gas, etc.

The ultra-pure water machine is to remove these impurities as thoroughly as possible.

At present, distillation, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, filtration, adsorption and ultraviolet oxidation are commonly used to purify water.

reverse osmosis equipment   .jpg

Ultrapure water machine general water purification process can be roughly divided into 4 big step, pretreatment (primary purification), reverse osmosis (to produce pure water), ion exchange (can produce 18.2 M Ω. Cm ultrapure water) and terminal handling (produced in accordance with the special requirements of ultrapure water).