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What are the manufacturers of wastewater reuse equipment?

Feb 08, 2018

Our company's recycling system has adopted more advanced membrane processing technology, including pretreatment, ultrafiltration system and reverse osmosis (RO) system.

Due to the depth of the wastewater from modern technology processing can achieve production water mixed with water or life standard, make the wastewater can be recycled, such enterprise for wastewater this piece of the overall operating cost is greatly reduced, play a big role for the environment.

(note: the water reuse is mainly to save water resources, reduce waste emissions, namely the standard after the waste water into useful water depth processing, suitable for all kinds of polluting enterprises to use, so as to achieve the provisions of the state environmental protection requirements.

Raw water - grille - regulating tank - lift pump - bioreactor - circulating pump - membrane component - disinfection device - medium water - water reuse system.

Technical features:

Electroplating wastewater reuse equipment .jpg

The reclaimed water treatment can be applied to the following industries:

1. Waste water from paper, medicine, hospital, beer, urban sewage, chemical industry, electroplating, coating, circuit board, textile and bleaching industry;

2. Clean water in various surface treatment processes;

3, anode, cathodic electrophoretic paint and other industries zero discharge waste water.