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What are the manufacturers of the ultra filter membrane?

Jan 18, 2018

Ultrafiltration membrane manufacturers more and more famous in the United States GE, Dow, family type, LONGYUAN, li sheng and Shanghai MO RUI membrane manufacturers, through long-term practice, we found that Shanghai MO RUI membrane ultrafiltration membrane is relatively more cost-effective, the price is much cheaper, better performance.

"Mo RUI" ultrafiltration membrane and the membrane film features

 Structural features

  Membrane features 

The unique design of the flow channel, reducing water   resistance

Hydrophilic modification and improve the stain   resistance

When backwashing the membrane surface water   distribution synchronization, more thorough cleaning 

Continuous three-phase asymmetric structure, and   enhanced the intensity of the membrane filaments

Membrane wire fixed partition, the lowest risk of   wire-breaking after long run time

Reduce the pollution of the hole channel, let   backwashing more easier when restoring flux

 Ultrafiltration application field

RO pretreatment

Waste water deep treatment
and reuse

Electrophoresis paint

Application in the food and beverage

Application in fermentation

Application of pharmaceutical

Removing bacteria and purification   of
tap water

Rural drinking water

Pretreatment of seawater

 Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane .jpg

The comparison between ultrafiltration technology and traditional pretreatment technology.

The high precision ultrafiltration membrane filter completely removes the colloid material in the water, and the water quality turbidity is better than the traditional pretreated water quality.

The water quality of ultrafiltration is stable, and it is hardly affected by the fluctuation of water quality.

Traditional water treatment process can only reduce the pollutants in water supply by proportion.

When the water quality fluctuates, the water quality of traditional water treatment process also fluctuates.

The ultra-filtration process has low operating pressure and remarkable energy saving effect.

The pretreatment device of the same scale is only 20-30% of the traditional pretreatment.

The ultrafiltration process significantly improves the water production flux of the subsequent Nano filtration and reverse osmosis systems, and reduces the number of nano filtration and reverse osmosis membrane elements, and extends the nano filtration and the.

Reverse osmosis cycle and service life, thus reducing the depreciation cost.

The recovery rate of an ultrafiltration system is greater than 90%, and the recovery rate can reach 99% in the second stage.

It reduces the use of chemical agents, saves the water cost and reduces the secondary pollution to the environment.