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What are the main methods of wastewater treatment?

Nov 20, 2017

There are all kinds of waste water around us, such as life wastewater, industrial wastewater, electroplating wastewater and heavy metal wastewater.

So, what are the main methods that can be used for wastewater treatment?

For the time being, there are three main methods of wastewater treatment.

In fact, in the process of processing, we need to select the corresponding treatment method for different types of waste water, so that we can achieve the more ideal treatment effect.

The first approach is the physical treatment method, this method is mainly by means of physical function, and to make waste water is contained in a variety of state of suspension pollutants separation and recycling, so as to achieve the purpose of removing.

For different types of waste water, we can use gravity separation method or centrifugation method to complete the waste water treatment requirements.

integrated water purifierNitrogen and phosphorus wastewater reuse equipment.jpg

The more common processing equipment includes settling pond, sedimentation tank, grease trap, gas float pool and its ancillary devices.

The second is chemical treatment, in which the chemical reactions are used to separate and remove all the impurities contained in the wastewater, or to convert them into harmless substances.

The treatment units used in wastewater treatment are coagulation, neutralization and oxidation reduction.

Wastewater treatment can also be treated with biochemical treatment.

At this time, it is mainly through the metabolic action of various microorganisms to make the waste water solution, colloidal and micro-suspended organic pollutants, into stable and harmless substances.

To sum up, in fact, the so-called wastewater treatment, the mean is by means of physical, chemical or biological method to deal with all kinds of waste water, the waste water purification, to reduce pollution, so as to achieve the effect of waste water recycling, save water resources.