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What are the main influencing factors in sewage treatment?

Jun 07, 2018

Among all the influencing factors, the matrix class factors and the PH value are determined by the inlet water quality, and the control of these factors depends on the daily monitoring and the strict implementation of relevant regulations and regulations.

For the general urban sewage, these factors will not constitute too much influence, and the parameters can be kept within the proper range.

Temperature changes and climate.

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It is not feasible to control the temperature of municipal sewage treatment plants, especially the activated sludge process, which is not feasible economically and in engineering.

Therefore, it is generally used to meet the processing requirements of different temperature changes through proper selection of design parameters to meet the target.

Process control, therefore, the main goal of the fall in the activated sludge itself and can pass control to change the environment factors, the main task of the control is to take appropriate measures to overcome the effects of external factors on the activated sludge system, make its can work steadily.

The key to the process control of the biological reaction system is the selection of control object or control parameters, which is closely related to the processing technology or the processing target.

Prior to the above and dissolved oxygen is biological reaction type and a very important indicator parameters in the process, it can be intuitive and more quickly reflect the operation state of the whole system, convenient operation and management, instrument, instrument installation and maintenance is also relatively simple, which is nearly a decade of China's new sewage treatment plant is basically realize the scene of the dissolved oxygen and online monitoring.