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What are the influencing factors of reverse osmosis membrane life of medical pure water equipment?

Jan 04, 2019

5. Poor disinfection and maintenance of reverse osmosis equipment lead to microbial contamination

This is a common problem in the use of composite polyamide membrane, because the polyamide membrane is poor in residual chlorine resistance, in the use of the correct addition of chlorine and other disinfectants, coupled with the user's attention to the prevention of microorganisms is not enough, easy to lead to microbial pollution.

reverse osmosis equipment

At present the microorganism of the pure water that a lot of manufacturers produce exceeds bid, disinfection, maintain inadequately to cause namely.

Main performance is: factory, RO equipment does not use disinfectant maintenance;

The whole pipeline and pretreatment equipment are not disinfected after the equipment is installed;

Disinfection and maintenance measures shall not be taken for intermittent operation;

No regular disinfection of pretreatment equipment and reverse osmosis equipment;

Maintenance fluid failure or insufficient concentration.