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What are the influencing factors of reverse osmosis membrane life of medical pure water equipment?

Jan 03, 2019

4. Insufficient monitoring of residual chlorine in reverse osmosis equipment

For example, NaHSO3 pump failure or drug failure, or activated carbon saturation due to residual chlorine damage film.

When cleaning is not as good as the cleaning method is not correct, the film property is damaged.

In the process of using equipment, in addition to the normal attenuation of performance, the attenuation of equipment performance caused by pollution is more serious.

The common pollution is mainly chemical scale, organic and colloid pollution, microbial pollution and so on.

Different kinds of pollution show different symptoms.

The symptoms of membrane contamination presented by different membrane companies are also somewhat different.

reverse osmosis equipment

In engineering, we find that the duration of contamination varies and the symptoms vary.

For example: the film occurs calcium carbonate scale pollution, pollution time for a week, the main performance is the rapid decline of desalination rate, pressure difference slowly increased, and the change in water production is not obvious, with citric acid cleaning can completely restore the performance.

The pollution time was one year (a pure water machine), the salt flux increased from the original 2mg/L to 37mg/L(raw water was 140mg/L ~ 160mg/L), the water yield decreased from 230L/h to 50L/h, after cleaning with citric acid, the salt flux decreased to 7mg/L, and the water yield increased to 210L/h.