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What are the influencing factors of reverse osmosis membrane life of medical pure water equipment?

Jan 02, 2019

3. Improper operation of reverse osmosis equipment causes damage to membrane performance

There is residual gas in reverse osmosis equipment running at high pressure, forming air hammer will damage the film.

reverse osmosis equipment

There are often two situations: A, after the equipment empowers, when it is re-run, the gas is quickly pressurized without exhaust.

The remaining air should be exhausted at the pressure of 2 ~ 4bar before gradually increasing the pressure.

B. When the joint between the pretreatment equipment and the high-pressure pump is sealed poorly or leaks (especially the micro filter and the pipeline after it leaks), when the pretreatment water supply is insufficient, if the micro filter is blocked, part of the air will be sucked into the vacuum in the place where the seal is not good.

The micro filter should be cleaned or replaced to ensure that the pipeline does not leak.

In short, the flow meter should be in the absence of bubbles in the case of gradual pressure boost operation, the operation found that the bubble should be gradually reduced pressure check reasons.