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What are the functions and advantages of the softener?

Jun 27, 2018

Water softeners principle and function: according to the principle of ion exchange, exchange with Na + magnesium 2 +, Ca2 +, reduce the hardness in the water below 70 mg/l become soft water, water treatment equipment, main function is to remove the thermonatrite, scale.

Advantages and disadvantages of water treatment equipment for soft water machine:

Advantage: remove scale, water base effect is good, at the same time flow is big, basically do not reduce water pressure.

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Water treatment equipment produced by water treatment equipment, clean ability, laundry, shower, beauty and skin care effect;

It can also reduce energy consumption.

It also saves washing supplies and reduces housework intensity.

The water treatment equipment produced by the soft water machine is the most suitable for water use.

Disadvantages: water treatment equipment of soft water machine can not remove bacteria, virus, organic matter, can not drink directly;

It needs salt to regenerate;

And it produces a certain amount of waste water.

Application of soft water: bathroom, kitchen, laundry, heating, boiler, central air-conditioning equipment water supply, beauty and health care and other broad areas.