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What are the features of the ultrafiltration system?

Jun 30, 2018

1) Removal of dissolved salts, 97%~99%;
2) Recovery rate up to 70~85%;
3) Get rid of the dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses and BOD;
4) Low operation cost and less maintenance;
5) RO for Power and Energy Industry, Water Recycling & Reuse, Food & Drinking Water;
6) Complete factory support for any and all inquiries;
7) Drawings and manuals available by contacting our sales representative.

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 Technical process
1) UF System
Ultrafiltration has the function to remove the suspended solid, colloid, absorb and remove the suspended particles, organic colloid, in the water, and it helps to reduce the TOC in the water. 
2) 1st stage Reverse osmosis system and 2nd stage industrial RO water purification system
RO system is the core of whole Ultrapure water system, through the RO membrane, about 98% of dissolving salts can be removed from the raw water, producing high purity wate with less than 5μs. 
3) EDI System ( according to customer's requirements)