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What are the features of the self-cleaning filter?

1、Automatic self-cleaning filter with centrifugal plate at the bottom, can make the vortex flow, form the centrifugal force, so that we can make solid particles away from the filter disc, gathered at the top of the filter, filter cleaning frequency reduction.

2, when backwashing filter central four pillar of water jet cutting to spray water, hit the disc, the disc rotate, let touchs dirt on disc to generate centrifugal force from the disc, easy cleaning, reduce the cleaning time.

self-cleaning filter.jpg

3. The shell is ABS or nylon engineering plastics, acid and alkali corrosion, strong impact resistance.

4. The disc is larger in diameter, and the same number of plates correspond to the larger filter area, thus increasing the filtering capacity.

5. The internal cavity structure of the filter conforms to the hydraulic characteristics and has a streamlined structure, which can reduce the loss of water head and reduce energy consumption.

6. Original filter shell molding and processing technology to avoid all kinds of leakage caused by welding of steel filter shell;

High strength ductile iron material has excellent anticorrosive properties and extends the service life of the products.

7. Proprietary filter core design and manufacturing technology, high precision filter core will never wear out;

8. Reliable intelligent control, automatic operation of filtering, cleaning and sewage discharge, realizing unattended and uninterrupted water supply;

9. The leading product structure features design, compact structure, large filtration area, high pollution load, small pipe pressure and low power consumption;